Business Opportunities

Buy a Small or Medium company and get access European Union Market

Considering the actual economic situation in Europe, specially in Portugal and Ireland, there are NOW incredible opportunities to buy companies at unimaginable prices. Great business men know that the best moment to buy a company, or any other asset, is when the market is low - when the pressure to sell is high, so the bargaining power is totally unbalanced favouring the buyer.

Besides, today's marketplace is more accessible the ever to Small Medium Enterprises. For the first time in history, small and medium entrepreneurs can dream and see the world as an accessible market - due to the power of information technologies. Specially when based in open markets like European Union.

So, taking in account these two factors, and considering the special advantages of both Portugal and Ireland, for different reasons, this is a fantastic moment for visionaries to take strategic positions in the European Union market.

We know very well both the Portuguese and Irish markets so we can help you find the business you are looking for.

We have a wide portfolio of companies to sell. Besides, we take a pro-active strategy identifying companies that, theoretically or initially, were not for sell. This means that we can find the best match for your objectives.

So, if you consider moving to Europe or expanding your activity to the European Union market, just let us know, clicking below, and we will be able to help.

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