How to buy a Company?

Buying a SME can be an opportunity to realize capital gains independently from the fact that the company can be going through serious problems or in top financial health! It can also be a way to create a new job or a new career leading a project already in existence, where the buyer brings experience, know-how and a new vision for an existing business. We have a balanced portfolio of companies representing all several economic sectors. Tourism and Agriculture, Wineries in special, have a relative weight and are sectors where GBB is expanding its business. The investment size varies from 0,5 to 25 million euros, with attractive ROI. If you want to take a glance at the profile of the Opportunities we have in our portfolio, click on here !

Due to the sensitive nature of selling or buying small and medium companies, we do not disclose specific details about the businesses we have in our portfolio on the web. So, for more details about the companies we deal, please get in touch!

“We align the profiles of the buyer and seller. We help the client to choose the best opportunity and prepare the company to be acquired before, during and after acquisition. Working with GBB a buyer just have to define the profile of the company he is interested to invest. GBB will do all the required research and provide with a list of potential companies suitable.”

Companies are restructuring:

  • first and second line executives of medium and large enterprises are offered early retirement;
  • the career opportunities for post graduates are increasingly uncertain;
  • people are unhappy with what they do and with the lack of direction in their lives, they want more flexibility and independence - freedom;
  • opportunities are increasingly global and SME’s have a rightful place in this area, what they need is well trained executives.

We must consider these facts and promote the connection between highly trained executives coming out of Colleges and large companies with SME’s. One way of promoting and encouraging this connection is precisely through the transaction of Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

GBB acts as a “Matchmaker” between buyers and sellers. We always look for a company that fits the profile of the buyer be it an individual, group of investors or a company.

Expansion Opportunities

Buying a SME can be the quickest, safest and most efficient way to start your expansion!

If you consider investing in Ireland, Portugal or Brazil, buying a Small or Medium company, we can help:

We have a wide portfolio of attractive opportunities, spread over several economic sectors, specially tourism (hotels, restaurants and development projects), at different investment levels — from 300,000€ to 25,000,000€.

Besides, we can research and select specific business accordingly to your objectives.

Ireland and Portugal have highly attractive conditions to make your endeavour a success - specially if you target the EU market; Brazil is one of the strongest economies in the world, with outstanding opportunities to explore.

Portugal, Ireland, or both, can be your gateway to Europe!