Move to Ireland

Considering living in a green, quite and competitive country within the European Union? Ireland can be your choice and we can help you find a suitable business to run.

Island located in Europe to the West of England,Scotland and Wales. The stereotype of the “Green Island” with plenty of breathtaking scenery and a very strong cultural past. The place where Guinness and Irish Whiskey comes from, an agricultural stronghold lush with pastures and Google, Microsoft, Yahoo,Dell, Amazon ,IBM ,Intel, Ericsson,SAP, Pfizer, MBNA, Zurich Life and hundreds more.

And why is that?

Besides the scenery Ireland IS/HAS:

  • Global Inovation Index 13th place out of 125 Countries
  • Top ten of the most globalized western economies (replaced Singapore)
  • Top ten of the World freest economies
  • Only English speaking Country in the Euro
  • Dublin is the best city in the World for Human Capital (Economist Intelligence Unit,Global competitiveness report 2012)
  • Very low corporate tax rate 12.5%
  • Top (No.1) Global Destination for Foreign Direct Investment (IBM Global Locations Trends report 2012)

Ireland is the new Land of Opportunities for 21 st Century

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Investors see Ireland’s unique selling proposition as not a single factor, but the powerful combination of benefits that Ireland offers’.

Economist Intelligence Unit 2012