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Buying a company in Portugal is one of the most quickest, safest and sustainable ways to move to Portugal. If you are a citizen outside Portugal looking for quality of live, for a new life, in a safe and open market, with a friendly environment to your and all your family, we may help you find the business that best suits you. From Portugal you can openly reach the whole European Union and the whole world - especially Brazil and other Portuguese Speaking countries.

To choose Portugal is to choose an exciting country, in the West Coast of Europe, to invest and buy high quality services and products. It is also the choice for a privileged, geographically strategic location, ideal for those seeking to supply the European market or expand their businesses to other parts of the world.

Portugal has great logistic and communication infrastructures with connections to major cities by air, land, sea, road or railway and our communications and telephone systems are known as one of the best and more advanced in the world.

The success of a project is also shaped by the quality of its human resources. In Portugal we have a highly skilled and talented workforce available with additional 100 thousand graduates joining the labor market briefly.

Portugal is an innovative country with a friendly economic environment and diversified regions. A wide range of services are available online to help you set up your company and tools available to advice you about the best location for your project.

And, of course, Portugal is not only a good country to invest but also a desirable place to live. You can find sunshine in most of the days helping you feel motivated and productive.

Source AICEP

Portugal has a unique and strategic location. Portuguese market is far larger than it may initially appear. It has 10.6 million people in the mainland and in Madeira and Azores islands, but it is also a gateway to a market of about 250 million people in the Portuguese speaking countries. And furthermore, there are 4 million more Portuguese and their descendents living abroad settled mainly in France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, US, Canada, Venezuela and Brazil.

Portuguese is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world shared by the CPLP (Portuguese Speaking Countries Community) countries like Brazil (one of the BRIC countries), Angola (one of the fastest growing economies), Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe, Guinea-Bissau and East Timor.

Portugal is also an excellent entry point, or first test-market, for a foreign firm looking to get into the European Union.

Portugal’s unique location, in the West Coast of Europe, is very close to time zones of so distant countries like Russia and the US facilitating business whether you go West or East.

Key facts about Portugal’s location:

Ø Nearest European country to the American continent time zones

Ø 3 hours from Brazilian, Argentine and Russian time zones

Ø Same time zone as UK and Ireland

Source AICEP

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