The Process

The transaction process of an SME is very demanding and should be properly monitored. Essentially this process consists of three main phases carried by GBB as follows:

  1. Searching: Identification of an ideal partner from a pool of companies being sold or bought;
  2. Negotiation:Information from both sides and in particular – the company that is being transacted- is thoroughly investigated, examined and audited in order to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.
  3. Development: Once the transaction is completed GBB helps the company planning the new way forward in accordance with the assumptions made before it was bought.

This chart illustrates some of the key management capabilities required depending on the stage in the life cycle of the company.

The profile of the buyer be it a company, an individual or a group of executives must be directly related to the capabilities illustrated in this chart.

GBB business brokering focuses on the “matchmaking” between the profile of the buyer and the company being sold. This is done confidentiality - no list of sellers or buyers is published. However we maintain a data base of international opportunities (buyers and sellers) and it is up to GBB to select and indicate based on the collected data the buyer/seller which better fits the desired profile

GBB uses its know-how, referrals, support and international databases, to match the buyers profile in relation to the life cycle of the company being sold.

In the diagram below we identify the main aspects to take into consideration to achieve a sustainable “matchmaking” in an acquisition by a single or a group of individuals. The blue puzzle pieces represent the matching criteria from the company side; the yellow puzzle pieces represent the criteria from the individual (or group of individuals) side.

Matching owner's characteristics with company's

Personal Profile: Psychological characteristics that are reflected in our personality and way we act

Current situation:The moment in our lives we are living in i.e.: Inherited/Windfall, married/divorced, unemployed, retired, and pre-retirement.

Training/Qualification: Technical knowledge that enhances our skills such as academic qualifications, experience etc.

Business Stage: Represents the stage in the life cycle of the company i.e.: start up, development, expansion, maturity and decline.

Activity: Defines the business activity and market in which it operates.

Dimension: It reflects the business volume the company generates, its relative market position and the organizational structure deployed.