International Partners

We are selecting international partners to develop new markets. People with business management, financial and marketing skills, fully committed and capable of implementing Global Business Brokers model in their countries - with our full support.

Since 2006, we built a solid, transparent, effective and profitable business model that we are now expanding to other countries. Besides Portugal, Ireland we are planning to open in other countries. Our vision is to facilitate transactions of small medium businesses globally.

We provide all the marketing and administration tools, full training, set-up support and on-going consulting to help our partners generate and conclude business transactions, sales - both locally and internationally.

Business brokering is an interesting, attractive, difficult but flexible and profitable activity that generates great economic value. Its an important activity that helps the development and expansion of small and medium companies locally and internationally. It ensures liquidity, continuity and sustainability of economically viable small and medium enterprises. Besides it is a catalyst to other business opportunities.

We look for experienced executives and managers with vision to identify and follow these opportunities. Our potential capability is enhanced by our international and sectoral coverage.

Take a look at our website to decide if brokering, buying and selling, of small and medium enterprises in your country, with our guidance and support, attracts you. If so, just call! We will be happy to clarify any question you have.