How to Sell your Company?

Contrary to popular belief, companies are not sold just because they are bankrupt or in trouble. There can be a number of different reasons that lead to selling the company, it should be perceived as tradable product, with value, as any other.

In the USA, more than 18% SME’s change hands annually with average selling prices above Us$210.000. In Ireland we estimate that less than 1% of all SME’s are traded annually.

Main reasons for selling SME’s:

It can be owner's personal reasons:

  1. The owner(s) wants to cash in on capital gains;
  2. The owner(s) is just tired and wants to change his life;
  3. The owner(s) have family constraints;
  4. The owner(s) have health problems;
  5. The owner(s) have partner problems;
  6. The owner(s) are incapable, or unsuitable, of taking the company to the next stage of its development;
  7. The owner(s) have financial difficulties.

Or economic, strategic reasons:

  1. Market expansion;
  2. Succession;
  3. Restructuring;
  4. Market repositioning;
  5. Integration/disintegration in the value chain;
  6. New opportunity to fill;
  7. Product/Service line extension.

“The sale can be triggered by many reasons directly linked to the company or the entrepreneur. Whatever the reason we are always ready to help you finding the ideal buyer for your business.”