Our portfolio consists of a set of companies that either contacted or were contacted by GBB. That is, we are not dependent solely on the companies that want to be traded - also look for companies that seem to be attractive opportunities to promote for our customers . We have a portfolio of varied profitable opportunities for buyers of various profiles.

The graphs below represent the portfolio that we have in the pipeline, according to basic criteria for analysis.

Here we cannot disclose further details but you can have an idea of how diverse is our portfolio. For more details, please contact.

Criteria :





In terms of activity, we have a balanced portfolio of companies representing all several economic sectors. Tourism and Agriculture, Wineries in special, have a relative weight and are sectors where GBB is expanding its business.

The focus of GBB's Business is companies between € 1,000,000 and €3,000,000 although we consider firms with lower values, depending on their particular potential but always above €300,000.

ROI varies primarily with the life cycle of the product/service that the company sells, ranging from 1 year to over 6 years. Tourism and agriculture are business with longer ROI, obviously.

Within the universe of our portfolio we have from micro enterprises, with less than 5 people, to more structured companies - over 50 people.

Due to the sensitive nature of selling or buying small and medium companies, we do not disclose specific details about the businesses we have in our portfolio on the web. So, for more details about the companies we deal, please get in touch!